Launch price of .99!

“EGO City Invasion” is a castle defense / action shooter game exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch! Developed by award-winning developer Punch Entertainment!

STORY: EGO City is under attack. You and your jet-propelled tank are its last line of defense. Using strategy, cunning and a mind-blowing array of weaponry, you will save EGO City from destruction.

"Do you like Worms? Do you like Tower Defense? Do you like Artillery Duel? Do you like smashing zombies? If you cannot get where I'm going with this initial onslaught of questions, then allow me to spell it out: Punch's Ego City Invasion is an amalgamation of all of those things...Honestly, I'm really digging Ego City Invasion despite it being a complete departure for the series. (Or perhaps it's because of that?) Punch has created a very playable combination of some very popular games, but put their own spin on the melded formulas." - IGN Wireless

"Ego City Invasion played very well when we tried it, and the extra weapons and costumes you can unlock seem like a good reason to keep playing...At the expected price point of one or two dollars, Ego City Invasion could well be worth a chance, even if you've never heard of the Ego avatars. The idea is, sometimes it's good to take a break from flirting and chatting through an Ego, and just set it loose on some zombies instead." -

GAMEPLAY: “EGO City Invasion” is a castle defense game where you maneuver your tank and shoot zombies before they reach and destroy the gates of EGO City.

General Features:
-Easy controls. Tilt your device to move. Tap the screen to shoot.
-Fight waves of increasingly challenging zombies including the Shamblers, Rot Giants, Shriekers, Bloaters and ParaShamblers
-Choose from over 7 different weapons including the standard mortar, sticky bomb, bazooka, human brain sample bomb, plasma missile and drone air strike
-Collect various power-ups to give you the advantage in battle, such as repair packs, the RoboRam that pummels everything in its path, or the city cannons with firepower so intense they take out everything on the ground and in the sky
-Collect coins that can be used to buy more weapons and personalize your tank in the Shop
-Ego City Invasion is connected to the game world!
-Each purchased tank unlocks exclusive clothing that can be used in
-Merits collected in Ego City Invasion can be used in
-Registering an account with Ego City Invasion also allows access to!

- Online high scores
- Connect to Facebook to challenge and compare your scores to your Facebook friends

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