Introducing iAct, a fun party game in the tradition of games like charades and Guesstures. Break into teams and have one player act out the word displayed while the other player tries to guess what you're acting. iAct is fun, hilarious, great for parties and has a huge library of actions to act out so you can play many times and not see the same act twice.

- Play from 2 to 6 teams
- Adjustable round times
- Hi-Quality sounds
- Tons and tons of words to act out
- Full score updates after each round

Quick Start Guide

* Split into teams, each turn one player from each team acts while other players from the same team try to guess acted word. Sounds/speech is not allowed from the acting player. Teammates can yell words out until they guess correctly.

* Acting player starts the round then hides the word, hands iPhone/iTouch over to teammates to view countdown.

* If team is successful they can try for more words or end turn. If they try for more, they can earn additional points during the turn, but risk the previous points if the next word(s) aren’t guessed.

* If words aren’t guessed, other teams are presented with a bonus round that yields bonus passes. Bonus rounds last 10 seconds and only one guess per team is allowed, unlike the regular round.

* Bonus passes can be used as a correct guess even if the team doesn’t know the word.

* Game play continues with teammates rotating acting player.

* First team to 15 points wins.


Enjoy iAct!

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