Meet Lab Rat. A maze game with a twist.

You’re part of a mysterious experiment conducted by an unkown group of scientists. Your job is to get to the other side of the maze in the least amount of time, where a tasty cheese awaits you.
To help you out, the scientists have fixed you with some neural implants that give interesting power ups. But to use them, you must first get some score points. For every second below the current record time, you get 100 points.

Power ups:
- 20,000 points: speed. Move faster.
- 50,000 points: pheromones. Leave a smelly trail to help you find your way back from a dead end.
- 100,000 points: expanded awareness. See the maze from a higher perspective.

- Press the arrow buttons to move forwards/backwards. Touch and slide your finger to lock the button in place (so you don’t have to keep it pressed). Tap to release it.
- Tilt your iPhone/iPod Touch to steer the rat left/right.
- Press the F buttons to activate the power ups. It lasts only for a short period of time and takes longer to recharge, so use them wisely.

There are 15 levels of difficulty to choose from. And you must first complete the current one in order to unlock the next one. Good luck!

mBoi studio does not support using animals for testing purposes.

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