Pig Rush is a hilarious and addictive platform game where you help Jumpy the pig run away from the farm. On the way, you encounter deep ravines, fire, and moving platforms. Grab a fire hat to protect you from fire, and get a power up to turn into an invincible giant pig!!Pig Rush is a game that is fun for the whole family. Kids love it - if they can get it away from their parents!!Check out the demo video!!:* Over 2.5 MILLION downloads and counting! See why over 2.5 MILLION people are addicted to Pig Rush!! ** #1 kids/family game in 10 countries. Top 10 in over 40 countries ** MULTIPLAYER (via GAME CENTER)*** NEW! play Pig Rush on Facebook for FREE here: ***- iPad support: Pig Rush is now Universal!- Retina support: ...and looks better than ever on iPhone4!- NEW BONUS ITEM: wings!! Pigs really do fly!- NEW THEME: Easter! Play as the Easter bunny!- New Game Center leaderboard for Cumulative Score- New Game Center achievement(Note: Multiplayer and Game Center require iOS 4.1 or above installed)- Go head-to-head in a crazy race with your friends, or find a random opponent on Game Center. It's so much fun, you have to play it to believe it!- EASTER RUSH: Play as Jumpy's cousin, the Easter Bunny! Grab eggs, and pass by chicks and porcupines... but watch out for the fox!- REINDEER RUSH: Play as the ReignDeer in this CHRISTMAS theme. Featuring the best version of jingle bells you'll ever hear!- PIXEL RUSH: 8-bit retro theme! Music by chiptunes legend SABREPULSE HALLOWEEN RUSH: Jumpy dresses up as a spooky ghost.. Boo!- POLAR RUSH: Play as Jumpy's cousin the polar bear in this arctic adventure- DESERT RUSH: Help Jumpy beat the heat in ancient Egypt!- NINJA RUSH: Ninja pig! Need we say more? :)--------------------------------------------------? REVIEWS ?"Pig Rush’s colorful graphics and peppy sound track/effects easily provide for an immersive game play experience."-- (4/5 stars)"I fully recommend Pig Rush to fans of the genre and look forward to seeing how the game will evolve in future. This one’s a keeper."-- No DPad"Pig Rush has this crazy combination of everything that is right for a casual game."-- AppShouter""Pig Rush is the perfect definition of a casual iPhone/iPod Touch game. The game play is fun, simple and easy to learn.""-- iPhoneinCanada (4/5)"Pig Rush is better than bacon."-- AppCraver (8/10)"...a great pick up and play game. I found myself wanting one more try every time I died. I highly recommend the game Pig Rush if you have a child or young relative."-- PocketFullofApps (4.5/5)"a great game to pass around the family. Similar to Doodle Jump, it is immediately graspable and the visuals are inviting"-- TouchGen--------------------------------------------------? HOW TO PLAY ?* Tap the LOW part of the screen to jump LOW (the lower you tap, the lower you jump!)* Tap the HIGH part of the screen to jump HIGH (the higher you tap, the higher you jump!)* Tap 2x to DOUBLE JUMP--------------------------------------------------? FEATURES ?* Beautiful graphics* Catchy music and sound effects* VERY addictive gameplay… once you start, you can't put it down* GAME CENTER: Leaderboard & Achievements!* Twitter, Facebook, Email support* Unlock multiple themes with totally new graphics and music! Original, Halloween, Pixel, Polar, Desert, NinjaCheck out the video here: GET IN TOUCH ?Web: http://www.pigrush.comFacebook: you have any problems, questions, or suggestions, email us at - we do reply!

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