You think you've got what it takes? Johnny Slugs says, "You don't! Ha Ha Ha!".
Go a few rounds with this "bad boy" and see if you can get the respect you think you deserve.

Can you go three rounds and avoid humiliation? Johnny Slugs says, "No way! He He He!".

Using your iPhone as an extension of your macho, you may be able to hold your ground (for a while), and if you should win, imagine the sweet feeling!


Johnny Slugs says, "Don't bother, Ho Ho Ho!".

We sure wish somebody would take him on and make him eat his words. Can you be the first to beat
Johnny Slugs? Give him a try!

You punch, block, and do all your moves without hitting any buttons! Using the accelerometer you just move the device in natural ways to throw hooks, punches, upper cuts, and blocks.

*Advanced Accelerometer Detection of Moves
*Mulitple Profiles
*Win/Loss Records
*3 Rounds
*Shake to Get-Up

"Get into the game! No buttons just move the phone!"

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