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For the first time ever on iPhone get a chance to train your own team and compete against others for glory, so are you game? Soccer Skills Academy puts you close to the action giving you an opportunity to help your team train for their league matches!

Scout opposing teams, and train your team to take on all comers with fun and challenging training mini-games! Improve teams Attack, Defense, and Stamina to outmatch your opponents, and then defeat them on your road to the cup. With Soccer Skills Academy, every day is game day!

Strengthen the Attack, Defense and Stamina of your team by drilling out in the following activities:

Trains the player to collect the pass by quickly getting into position and score a goal.

Fast is fine, but Accuracy is everything! Train the player to alter a series of kick trajectories and score on a goalie, pretty much like their real life counterparts.

Corner Kick
Want to convert those half chances into a golden goal? Train the player in performing a Corner Kick from the sidelines; player must time speed and direction of ball in order to pass the ball to his teammate, who will score a goal.

Challenge yourself and gain stamina points by heading the ball as long as possible.

Improve your concentration level by training the players to dribble the ball around the cones, but watch out the yellow line!

Endurance is critical for your team to exert itself for a long period of time. So make sure you train the team by quickly judge balls speed and length to collect it and smash it back.

Ball Control
Control is the ability to manipulate the ball and prepare it for a following touch, train your players to have a perfect ball control through a series of passes and Performing cool nutmegs.

Penetrate the defense with ease by training the players to evade defenders with complex dribbling moves

Keeper Practice
Do you want to turn your goalie into a great Wall? If yes, then train your Goalie to block incoming penalty shoots by quickly judging the kick direction, and watch your goalie dive & stop the ball.

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