A challenging and unique shooter game for the iPhone. StarCruiser is a combination between old school arcade space shooter games and the touch-accelerometer technology embedded in the iPhone.

Your mission as a space cadet is to try to keep your space ship intact through countless encounters at uncharted territories in deep space.

Through this fun and addictive journey you will be introduced to a variety of opponents which you will have to avoid or confront. Manage the encounters and gain points and stature while unlocking new exciting levels.

Keep sharp and your space ship might survive this voyage.


- Maneuvering: Tilt the device to the desired direction you want your ship to move.
- Main Weapon: Tap the screen to shoot.
- Super Weapon: Tap the screen with two spread fingers.

Game features:

- The perfect iPhone shooter - tilt your device to move your spaceship and tap the screen with one or two spread fingers to fire your weapons.

- Very intuitive game play mechanics that takes advantage of the iPhone accelerometer technology.

- Automatic controls adaptation when in lying position

- Detailed game statistics that contain game score elements, accuracy and title grading system according to the player achievements

- Each levels contains multiple types of opponents, collectible bonuses and comes with amazing visual and sound effects

- Over 10 different breath taking starfield backgrounds

- Autosave and recovery for last finished level.

- Thorough and easy to use scrolling user manual

- 3 different main weapons

- 3 different super weapons

- Version 1.1 adds a whole new dimension of visual effects over the previous version

- Due to players demand we have decided to add an additional ending bonus level - harder, fun, and more challenging

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