The only officially licensed WHAC-A-MOLE for iPhone!


? Superfun to play[…]way better than all the clones out there.
? Bright and colourful with a splash of retro thrown in.

? Excellent graphics.
? [...]my friends enjoyed playing this so much I had to steal my phone back to complete the review!

? Whac-a-Mole is digital, fun and definitely addicting.
?[...]the sweet hint of nostalgia should convince you to download this game; however, nostalgia aside, you will be entertained and glad that you did.


Join the brutally whacking fun in this classic game! The infestation of the really, really annoying moles has reached alarming heights.

Help the world get rid of the moles by repeatedly bashing them on the head with a variety of sophisticated Anti Mole Weaponry™.

REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: No -actual- animals were harmed during the making of this game.

- Upgrade your trusty Mobile-Mole-Mallet™ to the deadly Spiked Club of Mole-O-Station™ or the Baseball Bat of Mole Brutality™

- 4 different game modes to spice up your bashing experience!
- Mini games to earn the upgrades
- Fast fingered official whac action
- 1,000,000,000 really, really annoying moles! (That’s over 9000).

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