This land is your land, this land is our land, this land is Zombieland! As the heroic zombie killing artiste, Tallahassee, fight for your life and laugh in a horrific and comedic world overtaken by the flesh eating undead. How long can you survive?

"iZombieland is a zombie freak's dream come true!"- Appversity

"If you like killing zombies and having the screen of your iPhone filled with zombie blood chances are you will enjoy iZombieland"- TouchArcade

"A biting sense of humor and interesting gameplay make this bloody action game well worth your time."- Slide to Play

Use all of your skills to survive another day. Perform headshots, special moves, and double-tap ground kills. Kick and shake off zombies, use health packs, and remember to reload before someone (or something), takes a bite out of you.

Killing zombies is all about setting the right mood. Pick music from your library to play in the game.

Ride a zombie covered roller coaster, enter buildings, climb ladders, and break open containers to collect ammo and health packs.

Dispatch zombies with dual pistols, chainsaws, a combat shotgun, assault rifle, pick axe, double barreled shotgun, metal baseball bat, golf club, sledgehammer, and a banjo!

Play with buttons visible or transparent to get a better view of the action.

See how long you can survive and how many zombies you can kill in 7 un-lockable chambers of death!

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