[How to Play]

The goal of the game is to let the least enemy forces from one side of the canyon to the other on the given path. You have 20 lives, every single enemy that got across reduces your life by 1.
You receive money for killing an enemy, so you can build new towers or upgrade existing ones. Every tower has 3 levels by upgrading them you can increase their range and damage.
Choose from the given tower types on the right side of the screen to build your own strategy for defense.

Choosing and placing towers:

Drag the chosen tower with your finger to place it on the map. Towers can only be placed on given/predetermined locations.

Flying and ground units are both found the game.

Description of towers:

Soldier - Only Land (base unit, cheap but low damage)
Spark - Land and Air (damages and slows enemy units)
Para - Only Air (long range)
Bumper - Only Land (area effect)
Destroyer - Only Land (laser tower, medium range, high damage)
Plasma Gun - Only Land (no mercy…)

What's in this Version:

3 Different maps
3 Different levels (easy, normal, hard)
6 Towers
Camera viewer
High Scores

Future additions:

- More levels
- Online Scores
- More towers
- Special attack

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