Netet is a two-player game where you and your opponent attempt to organize falling blocks to create horizontal lines. Blocks fall from above and stack up on each other. As a block falls, you can move the block sideways, rotate the block, or cause the block to fall immediately to the bottom. You move falling pieces by placing your finger on or under the board and moving your finger either left, right, or down. You rotate a piece by tapping your finger on or under the board.

You and your opponent control your own games, but can see each other's game. When you create a complete horizontal line out of block pieces, the line disappears, and all block pieces above the line move down. If you create two or more horizontal lines at the same time, not only do the lines disappear, but the lines re-appear at the bottom of your opponent's board, causing all your opponent's block pieces to move up. The goal of the game is to keep your block pieces from stacking to the top before your opponents block pieces stack to the top.

You can play Netet on two separate devices over a network, or on the same device. When the game is played on the same device, one board is flipped upside down, allowing you and and your opponent to face each other. Netet keeps track of how many games you have won and ranks you with the other players.

- Head to head competition over network or on save device
- Single player "practice" mode
- Choose your own background color and/or picture
- Automatically generates "standings" to rank players
- Resume an interrupted game

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