Sliding Heroes version 2.0.0 is out!You can now experience our intrepid heroes' origin story, and the true reason why their princess must be saved at all costs!Major adjustments in the game's difficulty have also been made, and Sliding Heroes is now even more fun to play!Last but not least, the much-demanded tilt calibration option has been implemented.----Tilt your iPhone?iPod touch to move your heroes and save the princess!“Sliding Heroes” is here!Sliding Heroes is a unique real-time strategy game where you “slide” your units across the map by simply tilting the iPhone ?iPod touch.Choose from multiple types of units such as warriors, clerics and mages. Lead your sliding troops toward the Goal to victory!A keen strategic mind and dexterous fingers are key factors in conquering Sliding Heroes’ 130+ stages! ?Game ModesSliding Heroes features two separate and completely different game modes!Original Mode:Adventure through 30 maps, set within 3 stages: Brion Forest, the Labyrinth, and Castle Graceful.Select and send units from 4 classes: warrior, mage, cleric, and lancer.Toward the end of each stage, rescue the princess and escort her to safety!Endless Mode:Navigate your monks through a hundred challenging maps!See how far you can get with 100 lives!While simpler than Original Mode, this mode is the ultimate test of your tilting skill!?How to Play- Touch the character icon at the top right of the screen to send the displayed type of unit.- Up to 8 characters can be on the field at the same time.- Tilt the iPhone to move units around.- The map is won when one of your units reaches the goal.----------Sliding Heroes is a fun, fresh strategy game. [...] There is a lot of game in here, too. You'll hover over your iPhone for hours trying to chew through it all. Definitely recommended.- more information, visit:

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