Water is running out and your mission is to collect clean water for your survival. Learn about water pollution with this exciting and fun game.

Don't let the pollutants reach your water supply, if your supply is more than 30% contaminated send it to recycling, but you will have to send all your water, your mission is to gather enough water before the time runs out. Learn what are the major water pollution problems as you advance in the levels.

If you find your self overwhelmed be sure to use the filters to clean some of the pollution. Beware as they wear off pretty soon if you are not careful.

You can also place a couple of buckets around to catch pollutants, be sure to discard them (by double tapping them) before the bucket is full as it will spill all the water in to your main supply thus it will contaminate it.

Each level is packed with information and beautiful designed graphics. This game is perfect for kids and grown ups who want to grow a conscience on water conservation.

Try the survivor mode to see how long you can keep the water clean.

We hope you enjoy this game and learn about water conservation in the process as it is a problem that we all are facing.

More exciting features and contents coming up.

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