The village of Rockville is a wonderful and beautiful place, where dinosaurs and humans live together in peace and harmony. However, their once dormant volcano, which had been asleep for hundreds of years, mysteriously started to gurgle, causing massive earthquakes. Rising lava could be seen from the village and everyone, dinosaur and man feared for their lives.

The town prepared itself for its fate when suddenly, two brave souls and their dinosaur friends appeared. They volunteered to rescue the village from this disaster, and get to the bottom of why their peaceful volcano was suddenly so angry!

Based off the addicting Nintendo DS™ title, Rock Blast™ brings you a frantic match 3 puzzle game full of granite clearing, rock destroying, magma cooling fun!

Touch, aim, and shoot the perfect shot to destroy the rising lava rocks! Watch the intensity of the action fill the screen as you try and match 3 or more rocks of the same color. Call upon the aid of your dinosaur companions when the going gets tough and save your village from peril!

Key Features:

*3 Modes of Play – Play through and clear all 99 levels in Classic Mode, see how long you can last in Survival Mode, and blast your way for the highest score in Time Attack Mode!

*Dinosaur Companions – Obtain the aid of your 5 dinosaur friends, each with upgradeable and unique power ups, such as lightning, ice blast and power bombs, that can help you destroy, slow down and cool the rising lava rocks!

*Baddies – Battle against Rockville’s resident misfits such as the evil Pteranodon and the mysterious extra terrestrial Alien G-66, who will stop at nothing to see the village of Rockville crumble to ashes, adding challenge and obstacles to the mix.

*Special Items – Use special in-game items such as the gravity bomb, thunder orb, crystal vision and more to help eliminate the lava rocks and create satisfying combos!

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