REVIEWS for full version of AstroRaider - 5/5 Stars - "If you love retro-style intergalactic shoot ‘em up spaceship games then you’re sure to love AstroRaider!"

iPhoneFreak - 4/5 Stars - "It’s definitely worth checking out, and trying to bring out the inner astronaut in you."

AppStruck - 4/5 Stars - "A fun and fast-paced 2D space shooter game that will have you biting your tongue as you try to control your out of control space ship while blowing up Asteroids and enemy ships."

The Daily App Show - Video review.

AstroRaider Prelude is not your daddy's shooter.

That is unless he likes fast paced action, flying around in space, shooting asteroids and aliens, and surviving death rays from a nearly impossible to defeat queen mother ship.

The only question is, are you up to the challenge?

In AstroRaider Prelude you have to navigate your way through outer space and destroy the queen. To complete the level, you have to defeat the queen and open the warp gate. But be careful, the queen packs quite a punch, dishing out devastating damage with each attack.

The attacking aliens include:

Nemesis: Small but fast creatures whose purpose is to take you out. They may be small, but don't take them too lightly, they keep coming back for a fight.

With everything else coming at you, the asteroids aren't sitting quietly either. They are a part of the attack, launching projectiles at you and causing damage with each hit.

Shoot the asteroids to release the power crystals that add to your score and restore your ship's health. You can completely destroy an asteroid to earn extra points. If you destroy all the asteroids on the level you will get bonus points for each one you destroyed.

As you progress through AstroRaider Prelude you will notice weapon upgrades that help you along the way! The first of them is the blaster power level.

You also get three other special weapon upgrades to give you an even more powerful arsenal. The EM Pulse every 2000 points, the Super Shield every 5000 points, and the all powerful Nuke every 10000 points earned. You can't survive long without these special weapons.


- The 1st mind blowing level from the full version AstroRaider!
- 3 special weapons upgrades. EM Pulse every 2000 points, Super Shield every 5000 points, and the Nuke every 10000 points.
- Flip the controls for right or left handed play.
- 1 song from the awesome AstroRaider rock soundtrack that makes your playing experience even more enjoyable.

For 7 more exciting levels and the complete soundtrack be sure to checkout the full version of AstroRaider.

For more details about the full version of AstroRaider and a video visit the Clever Martian website.

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