Bug Eraser who established a Pest Control, he gets a lot of calls from Customers.

Customers request to catch the mutant bugs in their houses. Let you hunt the mutant bugs!

The development of 'Bug Eraser' was focused on the movement of the enemies on a shooting game,

and the extreme impact feelings on Arcade game.

Game Play: Hunt the mutant bugs by touching on the screen

Able to touch 2 times at once

Unable to touch 3 times at once (It won't recognize your touch)

HP: If a bug runs out of the map, HP will decrease by -1 and when HP becomes 0, the game is over.

-Manual: Click on the Icon

1)Timer: Able to freeze enemies in map for a duration
2)Fire Hammer: Attack an enemy by Fire attribute
of Explosion type Attack Range is wider than
Normal Hammer, and gives the splash damage
3)Missile : Attack enemies by multiple missiles

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