Experience the fun of being your own captain! Just launch cannons, destroy the enemy ships that want to occupy our side!

Play up to 9 levels in this adventure as you battle up to 50 different enemy types. Get your items and increase your scores!
Also, with variety of changing weathers you gotta change your strategy all the time. In addition, who can guarantee that there will only simple ships on the sea instead of the huge bio-exists appear?

Premium features:
1. Easy to control, just like you stay on the deck, manipulate your boat, and orders your crew to fire up!
2. Combination of a variety of shells, so that you in the face of a wide variety of enemies to deal with!
3. Attack function and collect function are separated, testing your ability to respond the changing situations
4. High tempo game mode, the closer enemy will make your adrenaline activities faster and faster!
5. Points ranking system, let's see if you get higher scores than your friends!
6. Three game difficulty.

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