Principal new original Tetris type game!

We hope to return you feelings from your first acquaintance with legendary Tetris!
In place of “bricks” the spheres of three sizes fall into the glass.
Three base levels of complication (Easy, Medium, Hard) – three different styles of game.

An easy level is oriented to the children of junior age, develops abstract thought, shallow motor skills.
Into every base level are the additional tuning of complication.
Classic interface.
Stylish design.
Author musical registration.

Spheres are falling down into the tube. You lose when the tube is full. There are three spheres in the game. Big, middle, small. The big one can eat the middle one; the middle one can eat the small one. The big one eats the middle with the small inside and the group disappears. The more spheres will disappear the more scores will be gained. Spheres can be divided into colored sections. One sphere can eat another if only they have matching intersection color. The more difficult settings are chosen the more scores are gained.


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later

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