Do you love word games like Scrabble(TM), Boggle(TM), Moxie, Hangman, and Word Twist? If so, you will love Wordaroo.

Wordaroo is sort of like a solitary Scrabble(TM) game, only without the board.

Arrange the seven tiles on your rack to make words. Instead of placing words on a board, select the word or words you would like to score. There is a bonus if you can use all of your letters in one turn. After submitting your tiles for scoring, you lose them (even if you made an unaccepted word) and get a new set of tiles.

If you can make a seven or six letter word, there is a big bonus. But you also get a bonus for using all your letters in one turn, even if you have to make three words to do it.

The full version of Wordaroo has a total of 98 tiles. The free version, Wordaroo Lite, uses the first randomly drawn 49 tiles. We hope this gives you a taste of the full game.

Wordaroo is a strategic word game, like Scrabble(TM), and will reward your esoteric knowledge of two and three letter words as well as bingos.

This game is ideal for those times you want to play a word game, but don't have partner or don't want to take the time for a long board game. There is no timer, so take all the time you want. Your game will be saved automatically so you can pick it up later and continue playing.

Fun and addictive, Wordaroo is a great way to exercise your spelling muscles.


Play the high scoring letters in a shorter word now, or check out the "Next Tiles" hint to maneuver a longer word.

*Movable Tiles
Studies have shown that being able to move tiles around will help you think of more words.

*ODS5 French

*A strong Scrabble(TM) vocabulary will result in higher scores. But even beginner spellers enjoy this game.

*No timer. Isn't life stressful enough? Low time pressure so you can concentrate on making the best word possible.

* Automatically saves your game.

* Loads quickly.

* Tutorial help screens.

* Sound effects on/off. Listen to your own music or podcast while playing Wordaroo.

* Local high scores.

*You can play a game in English or French! Once you've started a game, you must finish it in the same language. Sorry - no switching to another language to suit your tiles allowed.

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