iSk8ter brings all the fun of skate boarding to the iphone platform without all the bumps and bruises. Now you can jump and perform all the gnarly tricks in the palm of your hand anywhere you would like. There are two different ramps, a regular plywood ramp and a rail ramp. Each ramp will give you a different outcome on the trick you perform and will give you a bigger score. Be careful because there are a few dangerous obstacles that you should avoid like the speed bumps that will cause you to crash. You should also keep your eyes open for any open manhole covers in the middle of the road.
Features include: Fun single player mode, Realistic sound, True jump animations, easy to use touch controls, convent pause option, hight score
iSk8ter brings the best scrolling skating game to date. Have fun and challenge all of your friends to an ultimate match of iSk8ter!
Works on any iphone and ipod touch with O.S. 2.2 or greater. Some ipod touches will require an external listening device.
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Lead programer: Jason

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