X-Plode! is a new take on the classic card game Memory. Except in X-Plode! some of the cards are bombs. Try to get as many pairs as you can, while avoiding the bomb cards. When flipped over, these bombs will explode and destroy the cards nearby, reducing the total number of possible matches.

Matching consecutive pairs will increase the score multiplier, while failing to make a pair or revealing a bomb will reset the multiplier. Bonus points are awarded at the end of each level based on the amount of time remaining. You may also choose to play without the timer, in which case your game will only end by clicking on the end game button, or exiting the game entirely.

You can choose from three different game modes:
* Relax Mode: the classic matching game, with no bombs
* Normal Mode: the game as described above, with bombs
* X-Plode! Mode: the ultimate challenge! When a bomb explodes, it will scatter the remaining cards all over the screen.

For the more competitive gamers, global high scores are supported using AGON Online by Aptocore. AGON Online is a leading social gaming platform for iPhone and iPod Touch games enabling:
• Online leaderboards
• Location aware scores
• Awards system
• Friends lists
• Persistent player profile
• Facebook and Twitter integration

For more info on AGON Online please visit:

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