A challenging solitaire game which includes 21 different Halloween themes, 6 color themes and optional spooky background music.

- Drag and drop cards
- Statistics
- Choice of 21 Halloween themes and 7 color themes
- Spooky background music (optional)
- Sound effects (optional)
- Unlimited undo
- Game save on exit or interruption
- Does not interfere with iPod audio

- Halloween Night 1
- Scarecrow
- Black Cat Night
- Green Evening
- Scary Pumpkin
- Spider Web
- Mini Pumpkins
- Devil Cat
- Alien Zombie
- Little Mummy
- Little Dracula
- Little Witch
- Little Devil
- Little Gargoyle
- Little Ghosts
- Pumpkin Row
- Halloween Night 2
- Bats
- Howling Skulls
- Halloween Design 1
- Halloween Design 2


A challenging solitaire game where the full deck of cards is dealt into eight columns out of which four suit stacks are built. Cards can be moved within the columns, to the four “free cells”, and to the suit stacks. This version includes 21 spooky Halloween themes, 6 color themes, and optional background music.

Every FreeCell game can be won!


The object of FreeCell is to build up four suit stacks, starting with the Ace of each suit and ending with the King. The game is won when the cards are ordered so that they can all be stacked on top of the four suit stacks.

The entire deck is dealt into eight columns of turned up cards. Cards can be moved around within the columns so long as they alternate color and are stacked in descending order. For instance, the Ten of Spades can be stacked on the Jack of Diamonds or Hearts. In addition, one card can be placed in each of the four "free cells" in the upper left portion of the screen.

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