If you think Winston Churchill was a cigarette salesman, Oprah Winfrey is an opera singer and Madonna is a nun, you will hate this game. But if you want a trivia game that checks out your knowledge of the (in)famous and tells you things you didn’t know, the lightning-fast Guess Who is the game for you. Its free version is a Top 50 trivial game in 50 countries round the world and Apple’s featured "What's Hot" in June 2010!

Why? Because:

· Guess Who has 1600 questions at 3 difficulty levels.
· Play it single (less embarrassing if you think Marilyn Monroe was an American President) or multiplayer (beat your friends)
· The questions come faster than a speeding bullet*
· 6 categories really test you: Sports, Politics, Movies,Music, Business and History.

Show you’re a star about the stars! Get Guess Who now.

*Which superhero is faster than a speeding bullet? No, it’s not Julius Caesar…

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