? Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight for your own fortune!
? Take over your opponents’ land to level up your own land. You could make more money with more land, so take as much land as you can!!
? Use as many cards as you want on your opponents. From taking over others’ land to playing some tricks on your opponents, the special effect on this cards will overwhelmed them! So buy as many cards as you want!
? Characters from the famous 3-kingdom Chinese history will join this game. Their cuteness, unique personalities and facial expressions will blow you away!
? Don’t ever trust anyone when you are rich! Even when they claim to be your friends…
? If you’re not in the mood for tricks and fights, go for the free mode. You change the game settings in your way Bet small or play big; it’s all up to you!
? Play the game just the way you like. We have 2 different ways of control for you.
? It’s ok if you don’t know how to play. We have the best tutorial for you to guide you into the overwhelming world of land wresting!

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