This is a free and fully functional game based on the game engine and graphics from a game called "Earthling". This is NOT a "lite" or "demo" version, it is a complete and free promo game. The gameplay is, however, completely different from the original game.

The goal of the game is to survive the Apocalypse. This is a survival game where you control a futuristic set of defensive weapons to postpone the inevitable and complete destruction of Capital City.

This game features:
- Colorful graphics from the original "Earthling" game.
- Online highscores.
- Powerups.

Based on the interest in this free game (the number of downloads) we will think about adding additional features to it, such as more powerups and different survival modes.

If you like this game, support us by checking out the original game that this app is based on. It's called "Earthling", features a story mode and has a very different gameplay!

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