"Highly polished action RPG…This game is extremely deep due to the huge amount of customization… Like most RPG, you have various weapons and armor to find, but here you actually get to create your own through combining items. In addition to weapons and armor, you get items which allow you to summon guardians to fight other guardians. The guardians are element based which adds further depth to the battling. I think there are 30 different guardians in total. There are a ton of subquests in addition to the main story which keep my RPG needs fulfilled. I really like the auto-targeting when going to talk and fight, which eliminates the slipping on the virtual controls found with most other iphone RPG’s that use a dpad. Also I like that a “zoom in” happens when talking with characters. Also the graphics are excellent in my opinion.I’d highly recommend this to any other action RPG fans.---------------------------TouchAcade.comSummon Action RPG! Summon the Guardian!!This romantic action RPG is about a novice knight, Leica, who defends her town Agnus from invasion of the Kingdom of Largo for the treasure, Agnesian. Starting the journey, she encounters a guardian master by chance and they get closer as time goes by. Revolving around main quests for defending Agnus, Leica faces many other guardians and guardian masters.* Guardian Master: One with special power that summons guardians.Items obtained from guardians enable you acquire other guardians, weapons, armors and potions from an alchemist.*************** Story *******************Guardian masters are regarded as a symbol of respect or sometimes a symbol of fear to the common people. One day, the Kingdom of Largo invades the holy territory, Agnus, with their guardian master, Cavalry. King Largo’s obsession to find the legendary treasure, Agnesia, gets excited though he is not sure if the treasure even exists.In this time of chaos, one maiden visits Agnus…*************** Features ****************- Summoning : Numerous number of guardians that can be summoned!- Quests : As quests given by NPCs are completed, the player attains high class.- Alchemy : Items obtained on fights against guardians can be used to upgrade other guardians and armor. As the player's class gets higher, rare guardians, weapons, and armors can be created.- Skill: In accordance with the guardians’ element, various skills exist, and can be used to damage the entire field. - Arena: The place to easily collect materials and save up points by wiping out all the guardians in the arena. *************** ????? ****************????????(??)???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????RPG ?????.Main ?????????????????????????,???????????????????????????????????????????????????RPG??(* ?????????? : ' ?????????????????????? '???. )PLAYER?????????????(SUMMON)????? ATTACK???? SKILL??????????????????????????????????????????????, ??, ???, ??(potion)????????????.Also check out other great games from NATEGames :2010Mahjong – Board Game made up of Mahjong tilesSoul Card Master – A strategic card game Check us out also on:YouTube

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