Hey ppl!

I’m Woopie drupie supa tickler, I’m gonna make you laugh!

I’ll make laugh everyone who opens my app.
Show me to your kid, a friend or serious collegue – I’ll do them all!

Laughter burns calories and prolongs life, so please tickle me and lets laugh together.

My Story

I was born in northern wood and lived all my life with other
forest tenants.
One day I met iPhone. It blew my mind away and I decided to move myself to iPhone. I love my new home, because thousands of my fella iPhone owners tickle me and laugh everyday.

The Researchers Say:
- A minute of good laugh prolongs life with five minutes. Laugh has been proven to reduce stress hormone levels, and improve immune function.

- Have a laugh and lose weight. Laughing 100 to 200 times can be equivalent to ten minutes of rowing or jogging. No joke.

A must have app to laugh out loud.

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