Mayhem in Teddy Valley

Mayhem has hit Teddy Valley and Teddy is running. Your job is to help Teddy run jump and slide his way through an obstacle course of the sprawling bodies of fallen teddies. Along the way there are power-ups to help Teddy including a force field to provide teddy with limited invincibility and a jet pack. However beware worm holes seem to have sprung up across Teddy Valley, if teddy gets too close to one the space time continuum is torn causing time to momentarily speed up:

Run teddy run is a fun and exhilarating casual game in the mould of Doodle Jump and Mr Aahh. !Run Teddy Run! is simple to pick up and play, yet it´s addictive game play is difficult to master. It features a black sense of humor, and beautifully realised cartoon style art and animation and an addictive sound track.

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