Penguin Break is an exciting, captivating game of runaway penguins and your efforts to stop them. Reaction, strategy, split-second timing, and careful aim – you’ll need them all to get the highest scores in this light-hearted, easy-to-pick-up, can’t-put-it-down flock of fun for your iPhone/iPod Touch.



?Two Kinds of Action –
-Escape! Penguins gradually fill the screen; you keep them from scooting off the top
-Frenzy! Clear all penguins off the screen before you run out of time

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?In Escape, shake your iPhone/iPod Touch for extra action – penguins at the tops of the highest towers tumble down, giving you more time.

?Tap the screen to toss a colored snowball. When you hit a penguin of the same color, it and all touching penguins of that color disappear; others tumble down from above.

?Try for Chain Reactions! If a penguin tumbling down makes a column of three or more of the same color, those disappear as well. One great shot can make multiple Chain Reactions!

?Three Different Power Ups –
-Bomb! Earn a Bomb by creating three Chain Reactions with one shot. Toss a Bomb to clear out all penguins in an area
-Smart Bomb! Make at least 14 penguins disappear with a single shot to earn a Smart Bomb. Aim it carefully – a Smart Bomb makes all penguins of one color vanish
-Change Bomb! Get a Change Bomb by matching snowball and penguin colors for several shots in a row. Use a Change Bomb to turn all penguins of one color the color of the bomb

?The action starts easy and grows more challenging the better you do. Start with three penguin and snowball colors; advance to four and even five!

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?The game comes complete with simple instructions to get you up and playing fast!

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