Welcome to The Club where the best parties take place. In this music arcade game you're trying to match couples and score as big and as often as possible! Make your moves and dazzle your partner. It's time to start clubbin'!

Use the touch screen to make different dancers meet and spend the night together. Your score depends on the qualities of the dancers and the general party mood. But beware, if the wrong people bump into one another a fight might break out and that will definitely ruin the vibe. Thank goodness there's always a chance a celebrity will enter the game and look for the right people to join the afterparty.

The game features include, but are not limited to:
9 different dancers with different dance moves
3 skill levels with increasing number of speed, number of dancers and scoring difficulty
2 celebrities with their own agenda
Evil bullies that ruin the party as well as a bouncer to get rid of them
Party meter will tell you how well you're doing with awesome visual feedback
The game ends soon after the closing signal

In the first upcoming update we'll add a career mode,
an unlockable reward system that will alter your gameplay as well as more music, more lust and more fun!

The game is inspired by Tuonela's best selling board game The Club where equally desperate, lonely souls are looking for love ‚ just like in this iPhone game.

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