iTriplO Free = iPhone + Triple + O
## Simple, Easy & Fun!!! ##

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* Description:

'iTripleO' stands for iPhone, Triple and O, which is circle. As you probably guessed,
the purpose of the game is making triangle as many as possible with same shape or color icons
by moving the circular icon. For example, if there are three adjacent icons of identical shape,
then it would make one triangle. But if there are four adjacent icons, then it would make
two triangles. Similarly, five adjacent icons would make five triangles. As soon as at least
one triangle is made up, then the icons are disappeared and the spaces are filled with icons above.

You should be quickly get used to it and know why we say this game is "Simple, Easy and Fun."

* Game Play:

- If you pick any single icon, then only adjacent selectable 6 icons will be shown highlighted
and others are deemed. If you touch any of selectable icons, then the icon is swapped with
originally selected icon. By doing this, if you can make up at least one triangle, then you will
get scores and one less mission to complete.
- The game is over when there is no other way to make up triangles or time expires if it is timed game.
- If you make two triangles by one move, you get bonus point. More than three triangles,
then you get "Shake" bonus item.
- "Shake" bonus item mixes up all icons randomly. Also remaining time is extended and remaining mission is reduced.
- "Shake" bonus item may be used effectively if the game is getting close to an end. "Shake" bonus item
is executed automatically when the game ends, by clicking "Shake" button or by shaking the iPhone or Touch.
- "Shake" bonus item can be useful if it is used properly by user's decision rather than executed
automatically when the game ends.
- "Hint" button tells you where the possible matching is.

* Features:

. Classic (non-timed) game mode.
. Worldwide Ranking Service.
. Sound Effect & Background Music.
. Shaking to active bonus item.
. Hint & Shake using Accelerometer.
. Saving and recording previous game status.
. Cool & Clear Graphics.
. Easy & Simple to Learn

* Requirements:

Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.

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