- Watch youtube video of ShakeGirl
if u dont know How To Play this game
- u can find it by searching "ShakeGirl" in

? How To Play ?

- ? Tilt ? ur iPod/iPhone and
target RingRing with light

- When RingRing is crying in the light
? TOUCH ? it to HIT them

- If u hit RingRing 3 times it will die

- U can also use ? Special Power ?
by touching 4 battery marks

- U can SHAKE and boost UP Special Power
and get more CaloryPoint

? Easy to learn and " its FUN "

- Girl will get NEW ? Costumes ?
as game proceed

- Its running at ? 60 fps ?
which means super smooth movements

- Prince Shake (phone) will ? Level Up ?
and get more power

- Extra Stage 28 will be added in Ver 1.03


- There was a short cute girl
she bought a new phone
- But it was not a phone
he was Prince Shake

- His world was attacked by RingRings and
he needed to get his world back
- He can use his powers only when
ShakeGirl gives him the Dance Energy
- She had potential to be a good ShakeGirl
so he made a deal with her

- If she gives him the Dance Energy
He will defeat RingRings with it
- As a return He will make her taller
and make her body sexier

- She wanted to win a beauty contest
but she wasnt tall enough
- With the power of Prince Shake
she can have a shot at the contest
- She says OK and their adventure BEGINs!

? Q & A ?

Q : I cant clear Stage 7. What should i do?

A : Play Stage 6 again. You will still get EXP
from previous Stages. LevelUp and upgrade
things you need and then play Stage 7.

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