What are the answers for 70-110 on the impossible quiz for the iPod touch?

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  1. 70-Using its Anus
    71-Just click the green one-its actually hard to time on the touch
    72- Click around below the 72 about halfway between the 72 and the word lives
    73-Top right ?
    74-No one knows that
    75- Wait and click on escape right below the number 75 when it pops up
    76-Sugar, honey, honey
    77-Question 77
    79- It's hard to get but you need the click the U in you in the third answer...try hovering over it until it knows you selected it
    80-Click the letter R in poker in the question
    81-Rub the rod until it gets hit by lightning....then click the arrow
    84-Only touch the green star, but trust me you want those skips, too
    85-I loved it!
    87- Click where the period should be after 87
    88-Backwards Stars.
    91. Put your finger underneath the third hole to make a tear and then slide your finger across the paper to rip it the whole way across
    92-Click the numbers in descending order (194, 27, 26, 14, 9, 3, 2.5, 1, .4)
    That's all I have now...I'll try my best to get you the rest later.....

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  1. Check out this guide:

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