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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Yo_D_oY

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/11/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Impossible Quiz (v 1.0)
    By Jonathan (Yo_D_oY on gamefaqs.com)
    Steam ID - Blinkof
    Version History
    (v 1.0)
    Initial release


    The Impossible Quiz by Splapp-me-do is a gruesome 110 question quiz. Originally created as a free flash game on the internet and boosted in huge popularity because the questions will make you tear your brains out. How could you have possibly answered the square root of onions without looking up this guide or by trial and error?!

    This guide is here so people do not necessarily need to tear their head off their neck. This way you can master it in a day and show kids at school you can finish the quiz without mistakes!

    In this guide I answer all questions and I additionally tell you where the solution is on your tiny screen, even if it is obvious. This is so you are sure you are answering it right because in this quiz, you can never be too sure.

    Who created this horrifying game?

    The Impossible Quiz was created by an indie game developer known as Splapp-Me-Do. First created for players to play for free online in flash arcade sites. It was ported to the ipod touch and iphone by InXile Entertainment shortly afterwards with slightly different questions.

    How did you get all the answers?

    Simple, trial and error and dedication. ALOT of time was put into this guide.

    Do you still mess up?

    Yes definitely yes. Especially on question 92 and 109.

    What are similar games?

    For the iphone/itouch there is one more I am fond of called "The Moron Test" It's smaller and less excruciating as this one. You can also find The Impossible Quiz 2 and 3 on flash arcade websites. They should be ported to the iphone/itouch later this year and next year.


    The solutions must be exact, your fingers must be exact.

    Every 20 questions you receive a skip and a checkpoint. You must not use ANY skips.You will need all 7 skips for the final question. If the bomb timer runs out, you lose all 3 lives.

    Do not use any skips!


    Q1 : How many holes in a polo?

    Solution: Four (bottom right box)

    Q2 : Can a match box?

    Solution: No, but a tin can (bottom left)

    Q3 : Answer this question backwards. (spelled backwards)

    Solution: K.O (top left)

    Q4 : Click The Answer

    Solution: Actually click the answer in the question itself.

    Q5 : Put the Finger on Here (with arrow pointing at red dot)

    Solution: Touch the dot and touch the next red dot on the right without dragging.

    Q6 : Square Root of Onion

    Solution: Shallots (bottom left)

    Q7 : The Answer is really big

    Solution: An Elephant (bottom right)

    Q8 : Search!

    Solution: Drag your finger around the middle-left area and you will find the green checkmark. Let your finger off the screen when you see it.

    Q9 : What was the answer to Q2?

    Solution: That one (the one on the top right)

    Q10 : Choose food

    Solution: The false teeth (middle-left option)

    Q11 : What follows December 2nd?

    Solution: "n" (top right)

    Q12 : Click the smallest

    Solution: Click the dot in the letter "i" in the question area itself.

    Q13 : What sound does a bell make?

    Solution: F'TAANG (top right)

    Q14 : What can you put in a bucket to make it lighter?

    Solution: Torch (top right)

    Q15 : Neigh! Whinny!

    Solution: In the given keyboard, spell out HORSE.

    Q16 : What is the 7th letter of the alphabet?

    Solution: "H" (top right) since it is the 7th letter of "THE ALPHABET.

    Q17 : 24 - 7 = ?

    Solution: Click the question number on the very top left of screen resembling 17.

    Q18 : Stop...

    Solution: The hammer (;eft side of clock) Stop... Hammer Time!

    Q19 : Coulour in the correct order...

    Solution: This one was tough but simple. The guys name is BOGGY. Colour in the order of his name. Blue Orange Green Green yellow. Then click the Go! arrow.

    Q20 : Seal or no seal?

    Solution: Seal!


    Q21 : Watch Carefully... (you see flash) Now choose!

    Solution: The green flash (top right)

    Q22 : The choice is yours

    Solution: +1 Skip (bottom right)

    Q23 : Save changes to 'Untitled'?

    Solution: BRAN (Bottom right)

    Q24 : Blank area with box with rainbow colors...

    Solution: Click the V in "Lives" at the bottom left.

    Q25 : How do you kill a werewolf?

    Solution: Shoe Polish (top left)

    Q26 : Which of the place names doesn't exist?

    Solution: Arsefacey (Bottom of top green sign)

    Q? : I hope you've been paying attention to the question numbers!

    Solution: Go to 28 (bottom right)

    Q28 : What is this?

    Solution: Abundance (bottom - middle option)

    Q29 : What flavour is cardboard?

    Solution: Egg mayonnaise (bottom left)

    Q30 : Put finger.. ...on here (with arrow to red dot)

    Solution: Hold your finger on the dot. Drag to next question dot without touchng green.

    Q31 : Dog drawing says "Woof" three times.

    Solution : Woof. Woof. Woof. (bottom left)

    Q32 : What are the main ingredients of shampoo?

    Solution: Champagne and human faeces (top right)

    Q33 : How many letters in his hand?

    Solution: 7 (top right)

    Q34 : Elephants like being touched!

    Solution: Drag finger to top left of screen but not all the way off.

    Q35 : If you press this button, it's game over!

    Solution: wait until the question and button changes and then click the green smiley face.

    Q36 : What do you call c wingless fly?

    Solution: A Walk (top right)

    Q37 : Can you get this question wrong?

    Solution: Of course not (bottom right)

    Q38 : Mary rose sat on a pin.

    Solution: Mary Rose (top right)

    Q39 : dancing white sock figure?

    Solution: Cylindrical Adventures (top left)

    Q40: Put finger... ...On here

    Solution: Hold your finger on there and with another finger tap the other dot.


    Q41 : Duck with an afro.

    Solution: Tap the afro.

    Q42 : What is the answer to life, the universe and everything? (Hint its 42)

    Solution: Tap the 42nd 42. (bottom row, 2nd column from left)

    Q43 : What is the most common cause of feline blindness?

    Solution: Cataracts (used to be tom cruise)

    Q44 : Puzzle peices

    Solution: Move all the puzzles peices except for the one which won't move away from that peice. Click the dot in the peice. You'll see it.

    Q45 : Wingding text

    Solution: WRONG (in wingding its the cross-sun-flag-skull-fingerup) (top right)

    Q46 : Was this question in the impossible quiz?

    Solution: No (top right) (used to be a nsfw sonic picture)

    Q47 : Lotion covers screen over a red dot.

    Solution: Drag finger to where the red dot is. Let it off when it turns green.

    Q48 : Snake? SNAKE!?

    Solution: SNAAAAKE! (top right)

    Q49 : Which is the correct spelling?

    Solution: Splapp-me-do (bottom right)

    Q50 : Remember: blue,red,blue,yellow

    Solution: Remember that for a later Q. For now click o.k. (top right)

    Q51 : Fight!

    Solution: Mash your fingers on figures.

    Q52 : Carrot!

    Solution: 3rd one from left (middle - right)

    Q53 : Ma Might

    Solution: But pa might not... (bottom left)

    Q54 : Shanghai?

    Solution: No, about 20cm off the ground. (bottom right)

    Q55 : Bomb ticking and asks a question about digestive system.

    Solution: A games console for wholemeal biscuits.

    Q56 : Lotion covers man different color dots.

    Solution: Remember blue,red,blue,yellow? Well that's the solution.

    Q57 : Look count dracula!

    Solution: erm... one?

    Q58 : On the subject of Dracula, What is his favourit food?

    Solution: Sheperd's pie

    Q59 : A bomb ticking with a imacharginamahlazer figure.

    Solution: tap on the figure and make him charge his lazer.

    Q60 : Be honest... did you manage to do the last question on your first go?

    Solution: No... (unless you did 59 without retrying)


    Q61 : (y)

    Solution: Thumbs up

    Q62 : It'th thimple, click the moth!

    Solution: Tap the moss.

    Q63 : What are chicken nuggets made of?

    Solution Tasteless white filth (top right)

    Q64 : Which is true?

    Solution: Egg > 28

    Q65 : Click the largest

    Solution: Tap "largest" in the question

    Q66 : Hurry up! It's the end of the world!!

    Solution: The last "!" of the question

    Q67 : What is this?

    Solution: A big hairy arsonist (top solution)

    Q68 : Cat with scary green eyes

    Solution: Stroke the cat.

    Q69 : Are you enjoying the quiz?

    Solution: LOL, 69 (bottom right)

    Q70 : My dog's got no nose. How does it smell?

    Solution: Using its anus (bottom left)

    Q71 : Oh drat (green box rotating around red boxes)

    Solution: Tap the green. Best way to do this is to hold a position on a red box then let go when the green box appears on it.

    Q72 : Pitch black...

    Solution: Keep tapping around the middle far left area. Switch is there and it is small.

    Q73 : ?

    Solution: ? on the top right. Same style as the question's question mark.

    Q74 : How many questions does this quiz have?

    Solution: No one knows that (bottom left)

    Q75 : Be prepared... (bomb is being lighted. You have 1 second to react)

    Solution: Click the small escape arrow on the left.

    Q76 : ...You are my candy girl.

    Solution: Sugar, honey, honey (mimics a song)

    Q77 : What is this?

    Solution: Question 77 (bottom option)

    Q78 : Deja Vu?

    Solution: Four

    Q79 : The answer is horseshoe (bomb ticking)

    Solution: The letter U in "What do you mean!" (Bottom right)

    Q80 : To answer this question you need to know what poker means.

    Solution: The letter R in poker in the question itself.


    Q81 : Lightning rod with something flashing over it.

    Solution: Stroke the rod till it strikes and click green arrow

    Q82 : 2 feet and a bomb ticking

    Solution: Clip all toenails before time runs out.

    Q83 : How many surrealists does it take to change a lightbulb?

    Solution: Fish (bottom right)

    Q84 : Put finger... ...on here (with an arrow to red dot)

    Solution: Keep finger on screen, evade the meteors, once the green shooting star appears, touch it. You need to get the 2 shooting green arrows in the meantime too. This is mandatory for the last question.

    Q85 : Did you enjoy the last question?

    Solution: I loved it! (top right)

    Q86 : In which country are you likely to find someone with a grassy ass?

    Solution: Spain (top left)

    Q87 : Touch what's missing from this question.

    Solution: Touch the dot in the question number itself.

    Q88 : What are rats? (with bomb ticking)

    Solution: Backwards Stars (bottom right)

    Q89 : Which magical property do dog eggs contain?

    Solution: Blindness

    Q90 : My wife and I took a trip to the west indies...

    Solution: Jamaica?

    Q91 : A tl;dr note. Don't even read it. A bomb will appear.

    Solution: Rip the note from bottom left corner (not exactly)

    Q92 : Descending

    Solution: Despite your first instincts, actually drag your finger over the kids and you will see numbers. Let go from greatest to least. 194, 27, 26, 14, 9, 3, 2.5, 1, .4

    Q93 : A bunch of winter gear.

    Solution: Click behind the bomb.

    Q94 : Another bomb.

    Solution: It's a dud, let the 10 seconds pass.

    Q95 : The cat with green eyes again.

    Solution: From the cat, drag a little down, then a little to the right, the cat will jump and you now can click the red dot.

    Q96 : A bomb with a random question.

    Solution: A Right mess (bottom right)

    Q97 : Another bomb another Q...

    Solution: 10+ Times!

    Q98 : Can you remember?

    Solution: Blue, Red, Blue, Yellow. Click the actual words not colors.

    Q99 : A bomb and a sign and a traffic light.

    Solution: As soon as it turns green, click the sign next to the light.

    Q100 : How many holes in two polos?

    Solution: Two (top right)

    THE EPIC 10

    Q101 : Bomb with Chihiahia face and a keyboard.

    Solution: Spell Chihuahua just like that

    Q102 : Touch the dots before they disappear

    Solution: Touch all the red dots. Don't touch any squares. The sizes will try to trick you but it ain't hard if you made it to this point.

    Q103 : Search! (Screen fills with lotion again)

    Solution: Find the sad strawberry looking thing. Slight down and slight to the right.

    Q104 : Don't touch the small happy yellow sun.

    Solution: Touch the large sad yellow moon. Not the gray one.

    Q105 : What is this? with a pic of a banana

    Solution: Spell out banana using the letters in the question.

    Q106 : A road that starts to move.

    Solution: Put your finger on the road. Keep it on the road much like the question with the green background. It gets tough. Probably the toughest challenge. At the end just click the green arrow.

    Q107 : How did you do?

    Solution: It's a fake. Allow it to say game over when you click it. Then wait for a while.

    Q108 : Oh no sorry... I seem to have lost question

    Solution: bottom right option

    Q109 : A little figure and another bomb timer

    Solution: Jiggle the figure and make it poo. Click the poo when finished.

    Q110 : Use all your skips.

    Solution: This is why I said do nt use your skips at all. You need to use them all to finish.


    Completed! Congrats you finished the game! Too bad you needed my help >:) Not so impossible afterall!

    Be sure to keep an eye out for the number 2 and 3 of the quiz when released later this or next year. Also chck out The Moron Test for another game just like this one.