In this game, YOU are the wildfire! Your goal is to burn as much as you can before your fire goes out. But beware, some terrain types burn quickly, and some take longer to burn. Find the smartest way to spread the fire to burn the most land.

There are more than 50 levels waiting to challenge you! Things start out easy to introduce the game's mechanics, but quickly ramp up to give you the best challenge. The last few levels will REALLY challenge your inner pyromaniac!

But what about when you're done with the game's levels? No problem! Perhaps the most exciting feature of all is the level-generator! Choose from a number of options and the game will generate a brand new unique level to challenge you. Save the ones you like for repeat play!

You want more control than that? No problem! This game comes with a fully-featured level-editor, allowing you to create and save levels you make from scratch.

The replay value of this game, along with it's sheer addictiveness and enjoyability, is sure to make this one of your favorite apps. Enjoy this hot new puzzle game :)

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