Epic Android (A!) Presents..... A! Highroller

See how long you can roll your ball over a NEVERENDING turning, crumbling bridge. You use the accelerometers to control the ball.

* Four modes of play each with varying difficulty including the famous 'Epic' mode.

* 2 preset designs for each mode and a randomly created third that is different every time you play.

* Scores are sent to epicandroid servers for entry into the highscore table. Each mode and each layout has its own set of highscore tables.

* For highscores, view the top 10 of the world. Or see your friends and yourself, or finally your current ranking position as well as those above you so you know what you have to beat to move up in the rankings.

* Create a username and invite friends to see in real time who's beating who on the scoreboards.

Play forever, until you fall off or your battery dies!

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