The Earth faces the ultimate peril from a massive alien attack! Only the Genius Defense Force, with their superior intellect (and giant lasers), can stop the extraterrestrial menace from ending the world as we know it. Follow Professor M., Lieutenant Sabrine, and the loyal canine mech-unit F.I.D.O. as they endure the ultimate test of their skills.

Input math to target enemies, then blow them out of orbit! Add, subtract, multiply and divide your way to victory in this unique brain-training game from Clickgamer and Apocalypse Train.

* Improve your math skills while blowing stuff up
* 30 missions to master
* Huge bosses
* Multiple enemy types requiring different strategies
* Utilize splash damage to form epic combo chains
* Extensive back story and anime-style cutscenes
* Performance grade for every level
* Easy Mode for casual players
* Reverse Polish Notation for math experts

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