EXPERIENCE HIGH SCHOOL LIKE NEVER BEFORE. Immerse yourself in the drama of high school in this ongoing interactive story! Flirt with your crush, throw an epic party, go to Prom, hang with the cool kids (or ironically make fun of the cool kids), get straight A's, become team captain, even win Homecoming Queen. It's up to you. Join thousands of fans who are totally addicted to this one-of-a-kind experience and get an ALL-NEW, FREE episode EVERY WEEK – just like your favorite TV show!HOW IT WORKSWhen you download SHS, you'll get an entire SEASON of episodes... FREE! Begin with the brand-new adventure, “Season 1: A New Start,” and meet Owen – a mysterious new student looking for a way to start over. Get involved in all the fun, drama, and romance of high school. Then continue the exciting story in Season 2.But that's not all. There's also a Surviving High School novel!YAY! THERE'S A NOVEL!We're celebrating the release of Surviving High School, the novel (published by Poppy), with a brand-new update.And if you've already read the novel, we've got you covered. The game features all your favorite characters, including Emily Kessler, Ben Kale, and Kimi Chen.WHAT CRITICS ARE SAYING“What makes Surviving High School special is that a few of its characters genuinely surprised me, and a number of its scenarios have real emotional bite.” (Tom Bissell, Slate)“... I'm in love with it... You begin making decisions from the start and never stop throughout... The game itself is constantly engaging you and letting you tell your own story.” (Kirk Hamilton, Kotaku)THAT'S NOT ALLDownload premium content for a totally unique game experience. Whether it's becoming a football star or trying to make the cheerleading squad, Surviving High School is always exciting. You can even see what high school would be like as a superhero! Check it out.WANT AN SHS SOCIAL LIFE, TOO? HANG WITH OVER 80,000 FANS ON FACEBOOK!Meet other fans, ask us questions, and get inside news from the writers!CHAT WITH US: US: US: eamobile.com________________________________________Also check out our other game, CAUSE OF DEATH! Can you stop the killer? Investigate. Interrogate. Unmask the murderer! Get the only interactive detective adventure on the App Store that lets YOU solve the crime in a FREE NEW EPISODE EVERY WEEK. But be careful out there. Every choice you make could have deadly consequences.

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