The goal of the puzzle is to position the 9 tiles in the correct order.
The tiles only move in groups of 4 adjacent tiles at a time.
Tap and move the 4-tile group to the desired position and the board will rearrange.

While at first sight it seems like a simple puzzle, the solution is rather challenging.
You will find yourself having to move the tiles already in place to make progress.

There is an elegant solution from any position in less than 20 moves!

Are you up to the challenge?

* Last 20 moves are saved and can be restored with undo button.
* Last position and saved moves are stored on exit and restored on app launch.
* Shake the device to scramble the puzzle at any time.
* Sound volume is adjustable and mutable.
* Hints sections provides a few hints (not a solution) that are unlocked as the puzzle is played.

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