Q road trip is a thought provoking, laughter inspiring game for when you are travelling.

It’s a question-based game that everybody wins!

Some of the questions get you thinking. Some questions get you laughing. Some help you dream. Some help you to connect to the people you are playing with.

“It’s perfect for having in the car or for taking on long trips. We have used ours when we’re driving and it makes the trips a lot shorter and a lot more fun!”

“We have played travel games before and they were fine. But this game helped us to really have fun and get to know each other a lot better.”

“It was great. We turned off the radio and the dvd player and everybody joined in. It seemed like there were questions that everybody wanted to answer, no matter how old everybody was. And we really got to talk, which we don’t always seem to get to do anymore. We loved it.”

“We used it on a long road trip. It made the time pass quickly but it also helped everyone really get in the mood for our vacation. It was great.”

“It was funny. We’d play it for a while and put it away. But then the kids would ask if we could play it some more. They seemed to love it as much as we did!”

Why not give Q road trips a try whether you are in the car for 5 minutes or 5 hours?

It won’t just spark conversations... it will deepen relationships!

Plus, check out You can find out about their other Q titles as well as their mission of connecting a million people at a deeper level!

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