Challenge demons and the heavens above with Sun Wukong, the Monkey King! Journey far, from the Mountains of Flowers and Fruit to the Pillars of Heaven. Using cunning, a magical staff and expert martial arts, not even the gods can stand in the way of the fierce Sun Wukong as he battles to seize enlightenment from the hand of Buddha.

Wukong Warrior features:

• Reach for the golden pillars as you strike through green bamboo groves and traverse the beautiful realms of cherry blossom-covered mountains, fields of ice, and volcanic caves.
• Leap through 21 levels by drawing clouds from thin air.
• Play as five different incarnations of Sun Wukong, each with a different attack.
• Trace patterns on the screen to perform counter-attacks, and rise against all who would block your path to the heavens.
• Engage in combat with legendary beasts such as Ko-Tengu, Vampires, and Imps in your journey to defeat the five Dragon bosses.
• Gather Enlightenment Scrolls to unlock the secrets of warrior wisdom.

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