Aliens! If the hundreds of thousands of earthlings who destroyed your ships during the first Alien Invaders battle left you wanting more, here comes the mother of all battles - “Alien Invaders: Second Wave”.
Earthling, use your adrenaline for the good of humanity. Get on board your combat Mech and show off your skills in total space war against the alien invaders who are trying to take over and destroy the earth.
Enormous motherships and endless combat raiders will test your piloting skills to the very limit.
Use all the resources your combat Mech can offer, combine multiple plasma blasts with the destructive power of missiles, or use the triple laser to strike your enemies, and resist attack with an energy shield.
You are not alone in this battle; help is coming to fight the aliens. Thanks to the Bluetooth connection you can join forces with a friend and finish off the invaders.
This frenzied shoot 'em up has cutting edge 3D graphics for your iPhone/iPod and a spectacular soundtrack, as well as perfect playability and control to give you a taste of pure adrenaline.

- Intense 3D action—Amazing 3D graphics.
- Infinite playability. Once you finish the game, play again! The difficulty will increase!
- Online scores.
- Weapons Arsenal.
- Control modes: Accelerometer and Touch control.
- Level autosave feature.

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