Use full motion controls to twist, turn and flip your way through this puzzle platformer. Intuitive controls and your accelerometer guide your free runner forward, backwards, upside down and inside out through 20 urban themed levels. Use gravity modifiers to flip the world allowing you to run on the walls and ceilings as you turn the puzzle on its head to tackle it from a new perspective. Use switches and detonators to move and explode obstacles in your path. Become the fastest to think, move and blast your away around deadly traps to unlock new characters and time trials.

* Touch based controls combined with distinctive accelerometer use
* No limits: Solve puzzles using all axes
* Increasingly challenging levels
* Unlockable time trials and characters
* Comprehensive tutorials
* Immersive, uniquely stylized graphics
* Leaderboards
* Fluid parkour animation
* Hi-fi sound

Touch Arcade: “Flipt is a high quality platform puzzle game that shows off the breadth of the iPhone's touch and tilt controls.”

Pocket Gamer: “There's no denying that Flipt offers an experience unique to the platform. The ability to drastically transform your surroundings merely by rotating your iPhone or iPod touch is impressive and should change the landscape for platform-puzzlers in the future.”

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