-new stage "8"
-0.5 million download in cellar phone market

------Talk of Game------
"Amazing" --Jean--
"It's very interested game. very interested..." --gamepot--

Game Synopsis
I have a headache and feel powerless. I try to open my eyes but strong light makes me close my eyes again. I wait for a minute and barely manage to open my eyes. I can see bright light. I am in somebody's room and now get up on my hands. The room is seen in detail. The blackish iron bars of the door are seen first. I look around the room with the temples of my head pressed. Somebody made the room neat. A sheet of memo is found. "You waisted your time" "You are extremely guilty of it but I will give you a change." "It is not difficult. You must show me your strong will for your life." I don't know who made this trap but I walk up to the door. The door is locked. It will not open.

***The choice of cursors***

Magnifier cursor: Magnifier cursor can zoom out everything in the room. Magnifier cursor can express details in the conversation window page.

Hand cursor: Hand cursor is used to exert physical force such as opening the door or the drawer, and getting items.

Foot cursor: Foot cursor is used to move from one room to another or to get out of the last door to clear a stage. If the door is locked, the door must be opened first to get out.

Item cursor: The item acquired during the game will go into the inventory. Item cursor can use the items in the inventory.

***How to use the inventory***

How to use: When the game player chooses an item in the inventory, the item cursor can be used in the game screen. To open the locked door, the key item can be used.

Combination:?Combination is used to unify many items acquired during the game or to combine two kinds of items into a new item.

Disintegration: Disintegration is available only for the specific items acquired in the game. One can take batteries out from the remote controller. Assembling items is possible after disintegration.

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