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"I like the game, it has an old-school feel to it and at the same time
brings something new to the table when it comes to the control scheme." - Jason Lee, Nine Over Ten 9/10

"If you [want some] interesting gameplay, but [are] sick of them puzzle games, Jetsom Sam is the way to go." --

When an alien armada invades the Earth, can a boy and his rocket boots make a difference? You are Jetsom Sam - leap over rooftops, dive down to smash enemy robots and alien soldiers, zip through massive machinery, and find the one person who really matters to you. And maybe just save the world along the way!


* Intense arcade gameplay
* Simple, innovative control scheme designed specifically for the iPhone
* 3 worlds, each with its own play style
* 37 levels with branching paths
* 5 level types with different goals
* 30 types of enemies and obstacles
* Endless mode with an online scoreboard

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