Obstacle Pool is a fast-paced game that will keep you busy for hours. The objective, as with regular pool, is to clear the table. The white ball is used to shoot, the black ball should remain on the table until last. Nothing new. The twist here is that there are objects on the table that will test your skills to the limit. They will reflect the balls, making it harder and much more interesting than regular pool.

The physics engine accurately reproduces the movement of balls on the pool table as well as the interaction between them. This also goes for other objects... The player can adjust the aim and velocity with great accurately and in an intuitive way. High quality sounds gives this game a well-finished feel.

There are 14 red balls and 1 black ball on the table. The objective is to first shoot (or "sink") all the red balls and then the black ball into the pockets at the sides and corners of the table. If the white ball ever gets into one of these pockets the game is over. Likewise, if the black ball is sunk prematurely, the game is over.
Unlike regular pool, you don't have to touch a red ball with every shot. So, you can line up the white ball at will to get out of (or into) a difficult position.

At maximum velocity the ball may jump over the pool cues lying on the table. Use this to your advantage.

Instructions to play:
Press the aiming buttons at the bottom of the screen to adjust the shooting angle clockwise or counter clockwise. There are buttons for fast adjustment and fine adjustment.

To shoot, click on the white ball when it is stationary. The ball will shoot in the direction of the yellow arrow, at the desired velocity.

The levels of this game are in sequence of difficulty. You may play any level depending on your level of skill. We suggest you start at level 1 and work your way up.

Good luck!

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