Escape from Zombies is a maze game where you guide the main character Tom in a series of mazes to find his way out of the graveyard. Tom's car broke down and his car was stopped just besides a graveyard.

To play this game, you have to swipe your fingers toward the arrow exit signs. This will make Tom move slowly towards the exit. There are some zombies buried underground so you have to beware of guiding Tom in his next step.

If Tom steps on a spot that has a zombie buried, they will be awaken and crawl out from their graves and bite him in a gruesome manner. The number of adjacent squares that contain zombies located at the bottom left of the screen will change too when Tom steps on more zombies.

This number can increase or decrease depending on the move you guide Tom. Make the wrong moves and Tom dies!

You can know whether the zombies are beneath Tom's feet by hearing the heartbeat sound and look out for the flashing of the oil lamp in Tom's hands. Tom's heart will beat more rapidly when death is about to claim his life.

Game Features:

- Easy, intuitive and addictive game play

- 50 challenging level

- Creepy background game music with beautiful graveyard graphics with heartbeat pounding sounds.

- Running timer that counts down when you guide Tom towards the exits.

- Online statistics. You can submit your best timings for each level online to see
how well you fare against the other online players.

- Option to turn off the game's sounds when you are listening to your ipod's music. You can even turn on shuffle so that the music will be shuffling when you listen.

- Option to pause the game when you have incoming calls.

For technical support or any inquiries about the game, please email

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