LIMITED TIME ONLY – SPECIAL BUNDLE OF PLANES, MISSION PACKS AND MORE!This premium version of Skies of Glory bundles together the Battle of Britain Campaign Pack and many other features available for purchase in the free game, but at less than one-third the cost! Get this app to add these features to your Skies of Glory experience at a great discount, and all the content you have purchased in the free game will also be in this bundle.In this bundle you get all the features of the free version of Skies of Glory, plus…• The Battle of Britain Campaign Pack. This pack includes ten heart-pounding missions set in one of the most famous battles of WWII.• The War Games Campaign Pack. This is the first campaign pack released for Skies of Glory. This pack includes 11 campaign missions – one of which has a train you can blow up!• The Multiplayer Bundle Pack. This bundle allows you to play multiplayer via Local WiFi and Bluetooth, in addition to 3G which is standard in the Free version.• The Dogfight Bundle Pack. This bundle allows you to play 99 non-story based skirmish missions - that increase in difficulty as you progress through them.• 9 Additional Planes! Unlock 9 unique planes (10 planes total, including the starter plane – the P40-I) by completing specific campaign and dogfight missions. The planes that are unlocked via in-game progression are:Focke Wulf-IIHien-IBF-109-IIMustang-IP40-IITempest-IZero-IYak-IIMosquito-I**Remember to unlock all of these planes by completing Dogfight skirmish missions, and Campaign missions!Gear up for the ultimate in multiplayer air combat! SKIES OF GLORY takes you back to the groundbreaking aeronautics of World War II, set in the real life terrain of both Pacific and European theatres of war. Over land and sea, under realistic weather conditions, you and your friends can team up to defend a base, destroy enemy compounds and logistical resources, or show off your piloting skills in a full-force free-for-all. Skies of Glory features a robust list of multiplayer options for WiFi and Bluetooth play. Host 8-player simultaneous combat over the Internet or LAN. Synch up over Bluetooth for one-on-one action. Fly the SKIES OF GLORY any time, any place!Features• 3D accelerometer based flight combat.• Get up close and personal with your opponents in WWII style planes.• Stunning graphics and immersive audio make for a more visceral combat experience.• Multiple skirmish modes, campaigns, and tons of training missions with more to come.• Engage with opponents from around the world in 8-player combat over the Internet via 3G and WiFi.• Fly with friends over any local network for up to 8-player combat.• Take off from your base or aircraft carrier on bombing runs to eliminate enemy ground targets, bridges and ships.• Play your own music over our customizable jukebox.

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