MoonBuggy is a game where you can race your across the surface of the moon to compete in various challanges which you can prove your skills.

Using a realistic physics engine (Chipmunk) in a low gravity environment you can bounce, flip and race accross the landscape of the moon. You can tilt your device to controls the MoonBuggy's thrusters while in the air, to perform filps whilst mid air and control how you land.
Make sure you land safely or you might crash though!

There are two different modes, firstly a time trial mode where you have to cover as much distance as you can within the alotted time. The second is a distance mode, where you can potentially travel vast distances to reach ultimate highscores! One condition is that you are only allowed a certain amount of 'stoppage' time. This forces you to keep moving at speed thereby risking crashing your buggy.

Fully integrated with openFeint so you can track your score and see how it compares with other players in leaderboards around the world! Also compare it with your friends and see who's online.

Very simple controls: Tap anywhere on the left side of the screen to slow down or go backwards and tap anywhere on the right side of ths screen to go forwards. Tilt whilst mid air to flip and control your landings.

Checkout the website for a YouTube clip of the game in action!


Music kindly created by

A Fantastic place for iPhone game music!


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