Be a Lord! Go find the Ring !!
uFoundIt! wants you to find the Gold ring. There are a few Gold rings (among other colored rings) somewhere in the network. You have to find them by transferring your rings around.

Game Rules:
**** Each player starts with a colored ring – Red(50), Green(100), Brown(200), Blue(300), Silver(500), or Gold(1000).
**** Anyone who owns a ring has to find someone who either doesn’t have a ring, or is willing to give up (delete) their ring in order to obtain a higher level ring. For example, if you have a red ring and your friend has a silver or blue, you would be okay to delete your ring, so you could receive a higher value ring.
**** You could also find someone who doesn’t have a ring at all and transfer to them. Transferring earns you points. So hording rings has no value.
**** You can’t transfer the ring back and forth between 2 people. A ring you transfer can only come back to you if you have transferred many other rings.

How to Transfer:
Keep you phones close to each other. The person (say, A) with the ring shall press “Transfer”. The one receiving (say B) shall press “Receive”. There will be a handshake to make sure these are the parties who want the transfer.

After the handshake, Person A shall tilt the phone either left or right or over the top (like a pouring gesture), which will complete the transfer. Person A will earn points equal to the value of the ring. The “Score” Button will show your current score.

Local Play:
While you wait to find someone willing to receive a ring, you can increase your ring’s worth by finding hidden treasures.

In local play mode, move the ring around the screen by moving/tilting the phone. If the ring hits a hidden treasure, it “dings” and adds 1 to your local play scores. The “Score” button provides the local play scores.

Each successful transfer gets you a value worth the ring, plus any local play points that you may have collected. For example if you transfer a green ring, and have collected 81 local, your score will be incremented by 181 points.

Sharing Scores:
You can share your score on Facebook. Simply connect to your facebook account and publish your score on your Wall by pressing the publish button on the Scoring Screen. You can choose to stay logged in to save your info for later.
You can also subscribe to the uFoundIt! Winner group (thru facebook) to share your score with a wider group. ( This is not done through the App).

Be a Lord! Find the Ring !!

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